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Seastar Sterndrive Steering

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SeaStar Sterndrive Steering system:
SeaStar Sterndrive Steering is the best choice for nonpower
assisted sterndrives. The system is based upon
the SeaStar helm family, which allows for dual station
and autopilot use. Cylinders are specific to drive
brands and models.

1. Balanced system – ie: the number of turns lock-to-lock is equal port to starboard or vice-versa.
2. Unbalanced system – ie: the number of turns lock-to-lock is not equal port to starboard or vice-versa.
3. Requires cylinder rod end adapter HA5424 supplied by SeaStar Solutions.
4. HC5332-3 replaces HC5326-3 as of January 2000. If installing HC5326, additional clevis supplied by engine manufacturer required. Mastry Engine part #SUN144 *not provided by SeaStar Solutions.
5. The installation of the HC5332-3 sterndrive cylinder requires the use of SeaStar Outboard hose only. DO NOT use 3/8″ copper or nylon tube.
6. If engine outdrive is NOT equipped with a torquetab on the underside of the lower leg one must be installed to reduce prop torque.
7. Yanmar Engines using the Bravo III drives require the use of cylinder HC5326-3.8. Installs like cable.

NOTE: These recommendations apply to factory stock sterndrives only. Modified instalations may require a higher capacity steering system. If
in doubt, contact our technical service for assistance.
1. SeaStar 1.7 helms are the standard recommendation for both non-power and power steered applications.
2. SeaStar 2.4 helms can be specified for power steered applications where faster steering response is desired. Review the Application Guide
on the previous page for recommendations.
3. For SeaStar 1.7 systems, use 3/8” diameter nylon tubing (Part No. HT5xxx). For SeaStar 2.4 systems or any system using the HC5332
cylinder, use the following option: (A) Outboard Hose: hoses must be ordered in standard lengths. They cannot be cut to length. OR
(B) Copper tube: 3/8” diameter copper tube and hose kit (Part No. HF5508).


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