SEASTAR Jackplates HD




SEASTAR HD Jackplates:

The SeaStar HD jackplates utilize high strength materials to be able to handle some of the strongest engines on the water. The heavy duty frames are capable of handling engines above 350 horse power that weigh over 785 lbs. Designed with speed and durability in mind the HD Jackplate can adjust the engine height in just 8.5 seconds, even while the boat is moving at full power.

• HD jackplate is using high strength materials and is easily
capable of handling 350 horsepower or higher with engines
weighing 785 lbs or more.
• Rapid hydraulic response in 8.5 seconds.
• Complete rigid engine support at full thrust.
• Easily moves engine at full thrust.
• Comes in 4” (JP4040HD) and 6” (JP4060HD) setbacks.
• JP4060HD compatible with Power Pole® and Talon®.
• NOTE: JP4060HD requires adapter kits (DK4500P and
DK4500S) for anchoring system. Power Pole® and Talon®
anchor systems compatible on JP4060HD only.

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4", 6", 8", 10", 12"


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